Note Prompter for Saxophone, Clarinet,
Flute, Trumpet, Recorder, and more!

for iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android

The tele-prompter for sax players, clarinet players, flute players, trumpet players, and more! The Note Prompter family of apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch--and now Android!--is the easiest, most fun way to learn woodwinds instruments like alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet, flute, trumpet and more!

Choose one of the included songs--scales in every key, and blues progressions in every key--or import any MIDI-format song from your e-mail or a web page! Share songs with friends or students via e-mail. See note fingerings for your instrument in real-time as the song plays! Slow down any song to a speed you're comfortable with!

No more juggling fingering charts and sheet music! No more squinting at tiny diagrams. Full-screen note fingerings appear on your phone or tablet screen--and you just play along! Start making music IMMEDIATELY, so you start to enjoy your instrument from day one!

Check out the version of Note Prompter for your instrument:

Alto Sax Prompter for iPad

Alto Sax Prompter

Tenor Sax Prompter

Baritone Sax Prompter

Clarinet Prompter
Flute Prompter
Oboe Prompter
Recorder Prompter
Trumpet Prompter
Chromatic Harmonica Prompter
...and more coming soon!